• Operation Time
    About 1 hour

  • Anesthesia Method
    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization
    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment
    3~4 Times

  • Recovery Period
    After 3~4 days

What is Dodream Water-Drop Breast Surgery?

Dodream Water Drop Breast Surgery enables high result satisfaction by perfect breast augmentation and the natural shape of the breasts like water drops.

Only Head-doctor Lee Hyung Min operates the surgery and the responsibility for the result is guaranteed.

Water-Drop Implant

The Water-Drop is ergonomic designed implant that enables natural breast lines in any position.

The inverted upward nipple shape can be formed, and the implants are injected through high-tech endoscopic equipment to minimize the incision within the breasts for almost no side effects such as the movement of the implant position or deformation.

Ideal Candidates for Water-Drop Mammoplasty


If you wish to have natural breast line and volume


If you wish to have breast augmentation and shape correction


When the distance from the nipple to the lower breast line is short


If the breasts are located higher than normal

Water Drop VS
Round Mammoplasty

Let's find the best breast surgery
for me!

Water Drop Mammoplasty

1Size expansion + Natural shape of breasts

2Natural result even on short lower breast line
       and thin body type

3Volume + Correction of sagging breasts

Round Mammoplasty

1Overall ample feeling of volume

2Appropriate for lack of volume in upper breasts

3Volume with current breast shape

Characteristics of Dodream Water Drop Mammoplasty

High-tech Full HD Endoscopic Equipment usage

Non-endoscopic General Mammoplasty

1Depends on the sense with no visual safety

2Risk of dissection over the required length

3High risk of nerve damage

4Difficulty of hemostasis

High-tech Endoscopic Mammoplasty

1Operating surgeon's vision is secured through
       Full HD endoscope

2Breast dissection is possible only on the
       required length.

3Surgeon's vision enables surgery while
       minimizing nerve damage.

4Bleeding minimized and hemostasis controlled