I only did zygoma (:

이선우 2019-08-09 10:08 6797

[Before surgery]


Before surgery picture…it's embarrassing so only one picture...lol

I had pretty big side cheekbones and didn't have any other problems.

I really wanted to do something with my cheekbones!

[On the day of operation]


And I did it somehow haha

I didn't feel much pain.

And the surgery finish pretty quickly since I only did zygoma.

[After surgery + 2 weeks]


My nose looked like an orange on the day of surgery

but I look okay now.

Swelling is something different though ugh

Please go away



[After surgery + 1 month]


Honestly, since I only did zygoma, I had less swelling compared to other people who did face contouring.

It was quite hard for me too though…T0T

But it's been a month and it's satisfying that it went away pretty quickly!



[After surgery + 3 months]


The partial swellings were going away.

I could precisely tell that the line was different lol

It could be only me, but it's really different from the first month..



[After srugery + 6 months]


Only my cheekbones went in, and my face shape is smooth and my impression got softer.

And the best thing is that you can't really tell? Hehehehe

People say something is different about me but doesn’t know what…lol

Natural means Dodream!