• Operation Time

    About 1~2 hours

  • Anesthesia Method

    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    1 day

  • Stitch Removal

    After 2 weeks

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~7 days

Dodream Genioplasty

In case of a long and forward jaw, or the tip of the jaw is inwards due to decreased development, Dodream genioplasty improves the long protruding chin. Through a specialized surgical method, the chin tips are shortened or moved back and forth to improve the overall proportion of face shapes and achieve excellent front view!

Genioplasty Methods By Type

CASE1. Microgenia

Prosthetic Implantation

A small incision is made inside the mouth to insert the prosthesis into an accurate position. The surgery can be completed within 30 minutes through anesthesia for quick recovery, so this surgery is appropriate for those with a minor short chin.


This method is required when the jaw position and development are normal, but only the chin is recessed. A horizontal cut is made on the chin bone and the bone is moved either forward or backward to place the chin in the desired position. Titanium plates and screws are used to fix the chin in place.

CASE2. Long, wide, and blunt chin

Chin length

Chin width reduction

Chin Tip Reduction Surgery

This method reduces the vertical length and width of the tip of the lower jawbone through special resection. So the tip of the lower jawbone is not replaced, but connects the natural line of the tip.

CASE3. Protuberant chin, long facial type

Witch Osteotomy

Dodream Witch Orthognathic Surgery is specialized for reducing jaw length, and resection is made in
W-line while avoiding the nerves, so clear before & after effect can be expected on the chin length.

Short surgical time of less than 1 hour and no need for hospitalization, V-line surgery minimizes the patient’s burden.

Maxillomandibular Adv. vs Witch Orthognathic Surgery

Not orthognathic surgery,
but Maxillomandibular Adv.?

Dodream Witch Orthognathic developed
directly by Dr. Lim Chan Soo

Certification on the professional technology
of genioplasty exclusive by Dodream!

Maxillomandibular Advancement Witch Orthognathic Surgery
Hospitalization 2~3 days Discharged on the day of operation
Operation Time 3 hours 1 hour
Corrective Treatment 2 or more years before surgery or 10 or more months after surgery Unnecessary
Recovery Period 1 month Can return to daily life after 1 week

Advantages of Witch Orthognathic Surgery

01 Outstanding effect on improving
         the long facial shape

02 Clear reduction of jawbone length with
         almost no restriction of nerves

03 Natural line and clear effect from the front

04 Short operation time and recovery period
         to minimize the burden