Key Competitiveness

Real-time safety system & systematic safety management

Dodream Safety Management System

Special Medical Team for Each Field

Professional & Safe Surgery

In Dodream Plastic Surgery, there are medical specialists for each field to enhance the completeness in plastic surgery.
Also, the attending physician is directly in charge of not only consultation but also surgery and recovery process
to prevent any concerns of poor management in advance for more professional surgery.

The medical team of Dodream Plastic Surgery

provides systematic & professional medical service through over 10 years of experiences and know-hows.

Operation System of Exclusive Responsibility

0% Substitute Surgery

Cooperative operation method is a method of the operating surgeon entrusting part of the surgical procedure to another doctor,
and the operating surgeon cooperates with other doctors for a successful surgery. However, it is very rare to require ‘cooperative surgery’ while
performing one operation. Dodream Plastic Surgery does not perform collaborative surgery with unclear responsibility or unscrupulous operation
by another doctor. All surgical procedures are performed by the director of a hospital for clear responsibility for the surgical result.

'Ghost Surgery' Warning

To prevent false ghost surgery that disguises as 'Cooperative Operation'

1. Cooperative Operation with unclear responsibility must be refused, and the name and qualification of the operating surgeon must be checked once again.

2. If Cooperative Operation is still required, the qualification and name of the cooperating surgeon must be checked, and a request must be made to enable the operating surgeon and the cooperating surgeon to reside in the operation room at the same time. This is because only your ‘operating surgeon’ that consulted you before the surgery knows exactly about your body.

3. Currently, in any advertisements exposed through various media, there are no advertisements that guarantee the surgical result, and there are even advertisements that fake before & after images or experiences, so special caution is required. We can be easily fooled by ghost surgery of medical institutions that use a great number of advertisement expenses.

4. The main details of the surgery must be heard through the words of the operating surgeon. The staff at the consultation center does not know your physical characteristics and don’t forget that they do not have any legal responsibilities.

You must protect your noble life and body.

Lee Byung-Min, President of the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons

Surgery Safety & Anesthesia System


Stationary Anesthetic Specialist

The medical specialist checks the breathing, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature of the patient during the surgery to take full responsibility for the recovery of the patient’s consciousness.


Safety Management Personnel residing 24-hours

The safety management personnel resides 24 hours to check the patient’s condition in real-time. All possible circumstances are handled through the real-time equipment error test system and the automatic self-diagnosis system.


Antiarrhythmic Agent Adenosine possessed

To prepare for even 0.1% chance of abnormal cardiac impulse during the surgery, adenosine is prepared to handle emergencies.


A system in preparation
of power failure

The backup power supply device of UPS is equipped to enable safety even in unpredictable circumstances such as natural disasters.


Daily 7-stage Sterilization Disinfection System

Systematic sterilization & disinfection are performed in 7 stages daily. Ultrasonic sterilization & disinfection, sterilization & disinfection of the operation room, medical instruments, high-temperature pressurized sterilization & disinfection, UV sterilization & disinfection, air-purifying asepsis system, ion-gas sterilization.

Safety Assurance System


Partnership with
ASAN Medical Center

Dodream Plastic Surgery prepares for any emergencies through a partnership with ASAN Medical ER Center for quick and safety emergency measures and to minimize the risks through the systematic administration.


Operating Condition Maintenance System

A minimum number of operations are scheduled to prevent the threat to the patient’s safety due to a tight operation schedule, so the safe operating condition is maintained.


Registered in Medical Malpractice Insurance

Dodream Plastic Surgery is registered in medical malpractice insurance to safely guarantee all possible risks.