• Operation Time

    About 1 hour

  • Anesthesia Method

    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    3~4 Times

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~4 days

What is Dodream Water-Drop Breast Surgery?

Dodream Water Drop Breast Surgery enables high result satisfaction by perfect breast augmentation and the natural shape of the breasts like water drops.
Only Head-doctor Lee Hyung Min operates the surgery and the responsibility for the result is guaranteed.

Water-Drop Implant

The Water-Drop is ergonomic designed implant that enables
natural breast lines in any position.
The inverted upward nipple shape can be formed,
and the implants are injected through high-tech
endoscopic equipment to minimize the incision within
the breasts for almost no side effects such as
the movement of the implant position or deformation.

Ideal Candidates for Water-Drop Mammoplasty

  • 01

    If you wish to have natural breast line and volume

  • 02

    If you wish to have breast augmentation and shape correction

  • 03

    When the distance from the nipple to the lower breast line is short

  • 04

    If the breasts are located higher than normal

Water Drop VS Round Mammoplasty

Let's find the best breast surgery for me!

Water Drop Mammoplasty

1 Size expansion + Natural shape of breasts

2 Natural result even on short lower breast line
         and thin body type

3 Volume + Correction of sagging breasts

Round Mammoplasty

1 Overall ample feeling of volume

2 Appropriate for lack of volume in upper breasts

3 Volume with current breast shape

Characteristics of Dodream Water Drop Mammoplasty

High-tech Full HD Endoscopic Equipment usage

Non-endoscopic General Mammoplasty

1 Depends on the sense with no visual safety

2 Risk of dissection over the required length

3 High risk of nerve damage

4 Difficulty of hemostasis

High-tech Endoscopic Mammoplasty

1 Operating surgeon's vision is secured through Full HD endoscope

2 Breast dissection is possible only on the required length.

3 Surgeon's vision enables surgery while minimizing nerve damage.

4 Bleeding minimized and hemostasis controlled