Once is not enough, Twice the stronger

  • Operation Time

    30 Min.

  • Anesthesia Method

    Short-Term Sleep, Regional Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    After 2~3 days

  • Hospital Treatment

    2 times

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~4 days

What is Dodream Double Adhesion?

Doctor Seo Jung Suk created on his own. Unlike existing
surgical method which rely on strength of the suture thread,
this procedure uses 2 specialized threads--one on eyelid
plate and the other on fascia
--which duplicate the adhesion.

Ideal Candidates for Double Adhesion


If you want natural eyes that show little or no signs of surgery


If you want to leave few traces of surgery when the eyes
are closed


If you want fast recovery after the surgery


If the existing knot is loose and requires re-surgical operation


If you have thin eyelids and little eye drooping

Characteristics of Dodream Double Adhesion

POINT01. Use 2 Specialized Threads

Existing Non-Incision Method

Use one thread through 3~4 grooves to create the knot
Double eyelids can easily become loose

Dodream Double Adhesion

Use 2 specialized threads to create lines through dense grooves
It's firm and rarely become loose

POINT02. Fixed Again on Fascia

Existing Non-Incision Method

The lines are fixed only through eyelid plate
The fixation is weak and the lines can seem blurry

Dodream Double Adhesion

Double fixation on eyelid plate and fascia
The fixation is strong and lines are distinct

POINT03 Clean Line When the Eyes are Closed


Existing Non-Incision Method

The line is uneven after the surgery
It's unnatural and traces of surgery are visible

The surgical thread is not adhesive and can be distinctive when eyes are closed

Dodream Double Adhesion

The knot is tighter through dense incision and fixation on the eye plate

There are rarely no signs of surgery when the
eyes are closed

2 surgical threads thinner than hair are used to increase the natural adhesion
and can't be seen easily

Existing Double-Eyelid Surgery VS Double Adhesion


Exixsting Non-Incision Method Double Adhesion Method
Surgical Method Completed through 3~4 incision knots Double fixation and natural adhesion on eyelid plate and
eye muscle for opening the eyes
Chances of Line Loosening Rely on strength of the thread and may become loose Strong line fixation due to powerful double adhesion
Surgical Material Non-absorbent surgical thread 2 double adhesive specialized threads created by
Doctor Seo Jung Suk
Recovery Period 3~4 days after surgery 3~4 days after the surgery