Selection and Concentration

Customized transplantation according to hair condition

  • Operation Time

    About 4~6 Hours

  • Anesthesia Method

    General, Regional

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    Management for 3~4 Times

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~4 days

Dodream Hair Implanter and Slit have

different characteristics and advantages as implanting tools. Dodream carefully check the process of hair loss, scalp condition, hair condition and density, and then carry out the surgery. We do not stick to one tool but use the perfect tools that match the type of hair loss for optimal results.

Hair Implanter & Slit

Hair Implanter

Reduces operation time and easily adjust the direction and angle to emphasize the naturalness

  • Safe and hygienic surgery with disposable hair implanter

  • Using the implanter to match the size of the follicle

  • Separate the follicle without damage


Make a space for the follicles to be implanted and minimize the irritation

  • High mortality rate. Implementation of 80~90%
    density rate.

  • Specialist creates the tight slit to match the follicle size

  • Transplant at the center of follicle to produce
    abundant hair

Dodream Can Tell You the Difference

  • 01

    Responsible treatment from couseling to operation

  • 02

    Reasonable price without overpricing

  • 03

    High concentration and regular medical conference

  • 04

    Long experiences of operation and techniques for high engraftment