• Operation Time

    About 1 hour

  • Anesthesia Method

    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    3~4 Times

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~4 days

What is Dodream Motiva Mammoplasty?

Implants' shape changes naturally according to the gravity in any position to create a natural feeling in any posture.
Only Head-doctor Lee Hyung Min leads the surgery and the responsibility for the result is guaranteed.

Motiva Implants

Motiva is a new-concept of implants that creates
a natural feeling in any posture by changing naturally
according to gravity. Also, it has an excellent elasticity
which greatly reduces the incision site.

#PerfectTouch #MinimumIncision #QuickRecovery #RealBreastsShape

Ideal Candidates for Motiva Mammoplasty

  • 01

    If you wish to have a natural touch feeling

  • 02

    If you wish to have natural volume of real breasts

  • 03

    If you wish to quickly get back to daily life

  • 04

    If you're considering revision surgery due to implant deformation

Characteristics of Motiva Mammoplasty

Natural Shape in Any Position

Motiva Implants

Motiva implants are made by ergonomic high-tech silicone gel to have the specialty of natural transformation according to gravity.
Motiva implants spread in round shape while lying down, and changes into water-drop shape while standing.

Perfect Feeling Compared to Other Implants

The method of enhancing the Cohesive gel molecules is
the patented technology exclusive in Motiva implants.

Due to improved viscosity, elasticity and strength are better compared to existing implants.
Also, the perfect touch feeling is enabled based on ergonomic design and thin layer.

Safety of Motiva Prosthesis


Blue Seal

The outer film of Motiva implants has Blue Seal that verifies the product safety. This refers to the supplementary layer on the outer film of the prosthesis, which plays the role of reducing rupture and deformation, and minimizes gel spreading into other parts to greatly reduce the possibility of capsular contracture.


UDI (Unique Device Identification)

Motiva prosthesis contains UDI that can be identified without any difficulties. UDI chip can't be lost, its location does not change, so we guarantee the patient’s safety & reliability.

Dodream X Motiva

Is successful mammoplasty
possible just by using Motiva Implants?

Motiva implants by Dodream are produced exclusively by one supplier, so the responsibility of the surgical result is guaranteed. Surgery is performed in accordance with the advanced implants through high-tech equipment and professional surgical methods, and in the case of having prosthetic rupture or revision surgery, Dodream provides the premium service with a maximum of 5-year expenses.

Characteristics of Motiva Mammoplasty


Natural breasts shape


Perfect touch compared to other implants


Minimum incision enables quick recovery


Minimum side-effects like deformation and rupture