Fat Grafting

Increased Engraftment
Natural Baby Face Effect

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hour

  • Anesthesia Method

    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7 days

  • Recovery Period

    After 7 days

Dodream Fat Grafting

Dodream PS Fat Grafting transfers unnecessary fat from excessive area to the face or to others parts of the body, which then reforms the face to look younger and voluminous body and face.

What is Dodream PRP Fat Grafting?

Dodream PRP Fat Grafting

Collect futile fat from torso or thighs, where fats are most excessive

And then extract only the usable fat from the high-tech centrifuge

Dodream PRP Procedure Sites


If the forehead is flat or partially dented, or if the eye brows are protruding

Natural Volume and Smooth line leading to the nose bridge


If the lower eyes or front cheeks are dented

Fill with volume for overall lively and refreshed impression


If the cheek fat is
insufficient and the facial line is uneven

Lively and energetic facial line for younger looks


If nasolabial fold is deep and the cheeks are leveled with the lips due to aging

Fill up the lines removing the wrinkles allowing bright impression


Uneven facial line due to asymmetry and microgenia

Smooth and balanced line with fat injection

Characteristics of PRP Fat Grafting

Professional procedure focusing on Engraftment
  • Collect the fat from thighs or belly--places for higher engraftment
  • Use high-tech centrifuge to gather high purity fat
  • Mix the pure fat with PRP (Platele-Rich Plasma)
  • Use specialized microfat transplant tube to elaborately inject the fat
  • Remaining fat will be quickly freezed and transplanted again after 2~3 weeks later

Specialized Equipment & Techniques to
Extend the Maintenance Period

General Fat Grafting
Majority of transplanted fat is absorbed which
decreases engraftment
Possibility of bumpy skin surface
The maintenance period is extended only through
multiple transplantation
Dodream PRP Fat Grafting
Special transplant tube, about the size of a needle, is used so there are no concerns of bumpy skin, and engraftment is increased.
From the transplantation process to injection, the fat and the air contact is completely cut off in order to transplant high purity fat.
No concerns of side effects due to autogenous serum, and
the maintenance period is long.

Advantage of Dodream PRP Fat Grafting


Increased engraftment


Increased skin elasticity!


More volume and better quality!


Fast recovery!