Can't remember my face before surgery these days…♥

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[Before Surgery]


Hellooo..This is my first time writing a review…goodness...

Before gettting surgery, I had low self-esteem and had serious complex about my face.

Every feature was so plain with wide face.

I had guy friends but no guys who liked me T0T As time passed by




[After surgery]


I realized I was blaming everything on my face if something went wrong.

Then I thought, you only live once so why not!! And decided to get the surgery.

And I figure most of people think the same too..

Beauty is most important aspect for women these days...!!! 



[+1 week]


I took this picture just before one week.

As you may see…I basically borned again after eyes and nose.

My friends ask me if I did anything with the bone, so it's very successful lol

I went to many hospitals and they all suggested eyes+nose,

and I also had something similar to ptosis so I went to a place that offered eye correction.

I might've had loose eye if I didn't get any eye correction..

Dr. Seo Jung Suk had the same surgical mind(?) as I did and was very kind during consultation lol so I had a faith in him.

As he offered, I did eye correction + rhinoplasty all at once hehe




[+One month]

This is one month after I got the surgery….hehehehe I got prettier right?

I didn't eat meat or any flour for about a month,

and my face got cleaner, lost weight, and line became more definite.

The swellin was asymmetrical at first, and only one eye looked like a sausage...(right side on the picture)

I called the hospital several times and asked through internet,

but it was only a swelling..lololol They became similar later on.

I called them so many time that it's so embarrassing and feel sorry for them T0T

[+Two months] 


I've had my heyday after I lost weight??? LOL

Since then I've had boys around me and passed almost all the interviews...

I happened to find out that beauty really do matter.

I didn't have to rely on makeup and went around with bare face hahah

I have high self-esteem, huh?



[+Three months]


Eyes usually change the image of a person,

but nose has a great portion to it too. The features become alive in the front view.

The doctor did it so precisely that I didn't get any scars T0T

I don't see any scars when I close my eyes.

Friends who knew my face before the surgery knew I got the surgery,

but people I met for the first time didn't notice at all...

I can proudly say I'm one of the successful cases lolol

I can't really remember my face before the surgery these days...So happy ♥