A man's side profile LOL

도현 2019-08-25 15:08 11841


Looks horrible, don't it?

My face has no answer to it...

This is what I looked like, unemployed men who likes to play games

I wanted to give a little change so I did my nose

buut it got tilted and the line is too thick T_T

While I was searching, Dodream came up 

and I got nose revision surgery and face contouring.

[1 month]

Got happy within a month lol

I got the additional double chin liposuction

so the swelling wasn't too bad.

[2 months]

It feels awkward to smile...

I don't usually take selfies, so I guess that's why.

I was getting ready to give some change to the style

by growing out my hair.

[3 months]

How's my hair style?

I think the hair looks better 

after I got my nose and face done.

I even have gf now!

Man is confidence!!

[4 months]

My gf and other friends

said my side profile is the best lol

Even my gf gets jealous of it lolol

I really like my sides though.

Men should take care fo themselves as well lol