Breast surgery 1 year

고경희 2019-08-29 17:08 4450

[Before surgery]


Who's breast is that? Is that mine? Lol

This reminded me that I used to have

flat chest. Such a big transition...


[The day after surgery]


I think this was the picture on the day after I got the surgery.

I went to the hospital early in the morning, got disinfection, then laser, and took a picture after I came home.

I didn't feel any inconvenience like other reviews.

Maybe I can deal with surgery well. I didn't happen to feel any pain either.

I was very much fulfilled with the size.

[2 weeks after surgery]


Dodream didn't offer any blood bag or correction bra, so I was able to recover very comfortably.

But I got sick of the upper band. I don't want to go back...

The picture above is after about 2 weeks, and I remember I had no problems with daily activities.

I had more satisfaction after the swelling went away.


[1 month after surgery] 

Not being able to sleep on my back was the most difficult part in the beginning,

but no worries because it gets more free after a month or two.

Other people were able to do activities after about 15 days, but I'm a sensitive person so I restricted myself. 

And I think this picture is from the sencond month? or so..

The texture is so soft, and it's so sad that I can't actually show with this review~lol

[3 months after surgery]


Didn't have the right mind to work out too seriously, so I did light training from the 3rd month.

My goal was to lose stomach fat and flab, which was successful!

Long time ago, losing weight made my body look like a trash,

so I started to eat again and gain back the weight. 

But just with big boobs, my life style changed completely.

[6 months after surgery]

I may have to thank the head doctor for rest of my life

The doctor would think that he only remedied my breast, but it also changed my mindset.

I gain confidence, and mostly, I started working out.

I was very thankful for the follow-up management and services that they provided,

and the direct manager was super nice too. (When I was going to Gangnam station hahah)

[1 year after surgery]

It's almost a year now, and I can finally show off with the pictures.

I don't know how to end this~

One thing for sure, the texture and shape definitely gets better

as time goes by. Just like mine did.