More grateful after putting them together :)

허아현 2019-09-15 15:09 6549

[Before Surgery]

I don't even have to tell that this is before the surgery...

No use of wearing heavy makeup

It only made my impression stronger T_T

The only answer for off balanced and wide face shape is surgery

because I couldn't fix it even with better makeup skills.

Eventually did it, face contouring LOL

Along with the eyes HEHE

[The day of surgery]


[5 days later]


[One week later]


[Two weeks later]


[1 month later]

[3 months later]

[5 months later]


[6 months later]

I don't remember the time I had agonizing pain

and just delightfully take selfies (;

It feels good to see every pictures.

I was convinced from the consultation

so I kept brainwashing myself that this would turn out well.

I can't ask for better results :-)