Hi! I can finally write the review :')

엄지수 2019-12-09 18:12 2209

Hi! I can finally write the review :')

omg..I thought the time stopped for a whole week after the surgery....

It was really aggravating.

It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would thank goodness

I'll show you the picture right after the surgery lol

Before the bandage was taken off...the most suffocating time of my entire life

I had hard time because it was suffocating more than dealing with pain

At last, Bandage Free!!

If you see carefully, there's a tape underneath my nose but can't really tell right?

I went around Gangnam like that lmfao

I attached the before surgery picture at the end...(I don't want to look at it) lol

Prothesis contracture lifted my nose tip and my nose bridge sank down.

The biggest mistake of my life was not getting the first surgery here :'(

I extended my nose with the donated cartilage, and did liposuction on my double chin and buccal fat at the same time!

1 months

3 months


This shall be my pre-surgery picture.

These are the ones that came out ok…

If you had see me in really life my nose was like Michael Jackson lolol

Now I can say it like it's nothing but I was seriously depressed about it );

Thank you so much Dodream Plastic Surgery Dr. Lee Dong Hoon (-: