Face contouring+Nose Review

한나 2019-03-22 16:03 18426

▲ Before


Tall woman with angular face looks like a man…

Some people even thought that I was a man when I went outside with no makeup..Ugh

I'm girly and have soft heart like no one else.

But people judge book by its cover, and think that I would have some attitude...

My attitude came from those stereotypes though..

I lived enough with how I look, and I was going to give it a change!! HA



▲ Face contouring 3 days later


I prepared myself for the pain,

but I was defeated by the pain….

But I endured it! Like a girl!



▲ Face contouring one week later


Look at my cute little nose (; LOLOL

But my face was already round,

and I thought I would be able to born again.




▲ Face contouring 1 month, rhinoplasty 1 week later


I was going to get face contouring and rhinoplasty together,

but someone said it's hard to breath when you get both….

Oh..so gullible…

Anyway, I did my nose 3 weeks after I got face contouring (:



▲ Face contouring 2 months, rhinoplasty 1 month later


And the results are like this!!

Taaa Daaaaa~!

Hehe I don't keep up with time when I take selfies.

Plastic surgery is self satisfaction, and it really is.




Those guys who never reached out to me are asking me what I did.

So rude, but feels nice at the same time.

Everyone is amazed at how my face got half the size.



Blind dates are keep coming,

and everything is very bright these days (;

I feel happiest when I take selfies LOL

I'm so glad I did it.

I'm in love HEHE