Guys, too, can change completely with eyes and nose

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Too much stress from failing interviews because of my impression…….

Many of the elders in the family said I looked handsome,

but not so much from my friends or at a blind date.

Uneven nose line with hawk nose and wide eyes

As I was getting older, I was losing my self-esteem.

Since my eyes looked so intimidating, I got so many 

misunderstandings when I walked alone at night ):




I think this was a week after the surgery.

I couldn't see the nose clearly because of the bandages but it was higher for sure, and

I can't express any stronger how much I'm satisfied with my eyes.

I thought guys would look cheesy with double eyelid.

My eyes weren't that swollen even though it had been a week.

I felt better hearing that the swelling would get better....

I've heard at the interview that I don't look trustworthy

and have misunderstood as a sexual harasser even though I didn't do anything.

I've had many upsetting days but those problems were solved by getting the surgery.




When I hit the 3rd week, the eye swelling got much better,

but the nose swelling still worried me though..):

The hawk nose was gone and the nose bridge got higher,

but I had some swelling on the glabella and was worried that it would not go away.

So I continuously went to get the follow-up management and did hot pack every so often LOL

As the time slowly went by, I was able to tell the swelling was reducing.

Come to think about it, it's obvious that I should swelling because it was only a month after the surgery,

but maybe I was too sensitive LMAO




After about a month,

my eyes and nose got so natural that people didn't seem to notice.

People may not be aware that guys get surgery,

and some people said my eyes looked pretty lololol

After my face changed, my outfit style also changed and my facial expression got much brighter, I think (:




This is my favorite picture LOL

Can you tell my nose got so much better?

I've always wanted this straight line and my eyes are more swelling.

After two months, I got used to this face and it feels like this had been my face hahah

I take more selfies now and hear that I got more handsome...Hehe

It's kind of embarrassing but raising my self-esteem at the same time.

I've been to several different hospitals but no other hospitals does it like

Dr. Seo Jung Suk from consultation to progress checkup.

If any of my friends are thinking about getting plastic surgery,

I would most definitely recommend Dodream!

Not only my face, but for also letting me gain my confidence, thank you so much Dr. Seo Jung Suk.

I anticipate everyday.