Becoming a selfie addict after face contouring 3 types

김아민 2019-05-23 14:05 11899


Let me show you the before picture!

I don't usually take selfies so I don't smile much.

I didn't like taking pictures because my cheekbones and square jaw seemed emphasized.

But I did chang a lot after the surgery.

Below are the after the surgery.




This is 5 months after.

After the golden 3 months, I think all the swelling went away.

I was fascinated how my square jaw was gone.

So I take selfies from every angle possible.

It's fun and I love it LOL



This is the front picture.

I'm pouting my lips, but the square jaw is nowhere to be found hehe

Very satisfied

I went from having trouble taking selfies to selfie addict.

Even my friends say I take too many selfies now ):

But….I still like it :D



This is two months after the surgery.

Can you see the swelling?

If you compare it with the 6 month picture from below,

you'll able to tell how slim I got.



Huge differece, huh?

No matter how much my friends tell me to stop

I still take them once again Hehe

Dr. Lim Chan Soo, thank you so much!!